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Organizing, Décor/Room Rearranging, Decluttering, Cleaning out, Space and Efficiency Planning for your 


Availability seven days a week


Phone & photo (Free)

I have had great success with this quick and easy consultation method. It works great for routine projects. It saves time and helps me get to work on your project as quickly as possible.

Onsite- $40

I also offer on-site consultations for more complex projects or if the client prefers. $40 is due at time of consultation, but will be credited toward project cost, if booked.  


$60/hr. base rate, 4 hr./$240 minimum per entire project (some exceptions may apply)

Reduced pricing bundles may apply for very lengthy projects

Most daily sessions run from $240 to $360 (4-6 hours)

$60 shopping fee  -  (includes up to 2 shopping trips and no mark up on items purchased)

Hourly Rate includes the following: (as needed):

Clearing & Light Cleaning of space

Sorting & Organizing- (keeping, tossing or donating)

Organizing Only

Shelf Paper Installation -  (if requested)

Contractor Coordination Assistance

Assembling Organizational Items
Hanging Wall Décor (small to medium weight)

Donation Transportation (1 car load)

Additional costs:

New organizational items

Contractor charges (trash haul away, large storage install, etc.)

Garage sale and event supplies

Trash bags (to be provided by client)

Estimated completion time is based on size of space, quantity and type/size of items and services needed.

Estimate for total cost of services can be provided upon request.



10% off your next project, when you refer a new client

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