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1) Discuss with the client the details of the project and their unique vision and goals.

2) Determine what items and/or additional services may be needed prior to beginning the project.  In some cases that may not be fully determined until we progress through the project.  This will often depend on how many items will be discarded or retained, which cannot always be determined ahead of time.  

3) Establish estimated time/cost of completion​

4) Determine payment method

5) Set a date for the project

6) Proceed to....Make it Better!!

7) Send tips and tricks list to client for continued organizational success going forward



​1) Clear and clean space

2) Sort items into categories

3) Organize items back into space 

4) Determine (if not beforehand) any additional storage items needed

5) Shop if necessary or make suggestions for items to be obtained by client.  

6) Provide tips and tricks to maintain organization

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