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Professional Organizer

Teresa Jungerman

I have been organizing things my entire life, both professionally and personally - it just comes naturally to me.  I named my company "MakeitBetter" because that is my passion. I enjoy helping my clients find freedom from clutter and disorganization by transforming their spaces and providing them with the tools to help maintain order going forward.

How I got started. During my 25 year career in Administrative Management, what I enjoyed the most about each position was the organizational aspect.  I often wished I could expand my skills outside of my job and help others get organized in their homes, businesses or just life in general.  So that is what I am doing.  

Specialties. I have an eye for detail, spatial design and décor arrangement. My goal is not only to organize the space for efficiency, but make it look beautiful as well. I also specialize in finding and re-using organizational items within the home or business to save the client money, whenever possible.

Why hire me?  It's simple.  I am good at what I do, I love to help and have a heart for people. My exceptional work quality, professionalism and responsiveness have earned me a 4.9 Star Rating and Top-Rated Pro Status on 


Happy customers are my top priority.    I am here to help and... Make it Better!


25 years experience in corporate and small business settings where organization was key to getting things done.


BA in Psychology I understand that people can feel overwhelmed and even embarrassed when their environments become unmanageable. No judgements here, just a helping hand to get it all squared away.  Creating a peaceful and organized environment does wonders for physical and spiritual wellbeing.


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